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What services do you offer?

Creative Impressions offers a wide variety of decorative painting services to enhance your environment. Diane's services include elegant faux finishes using glazes and sheer cremes, old world stone textures, Venetian plasters, Lusterstone and metallic finishes. She also offers decorative accenting on walls, ceilings, doorways, arches, and niches, using paint or Modello decorative patterning. Let Diane transform your home with a custom mural designed exclusively for you. Recently, Diane has trained and studied with marble master Mike MacNeil, actually working with him on columns. Call her to view her latest portfolio of furniture and cabinet finishes.

What type of products do you use?

Diane only uses professional grade products producing superior finishes and textures.

How do I begin?

Call Diane for a personal consultation in your home or business. At our initial visit, we will discuss in detail your areas of interest. Please have color preferences, fabric swatches, and any picture clippings available. Diane will help guide you to a finish that will enhance your room and make it uniquely yours. She will bring her extensive portfolio to help guide you in your decision. After Diane measures the area, she will prepare a proposal for you.

How much will it cost?

There are many factors to take into consideration when pricing decorative painting. These include square footage; ceiling work;, preparation of surface; obstacles such as cabinets, windows and doorways; height of area, cost of supplies, travel, and detail difficulty of the desired finish. Each client's area of interest is evaluated and priced individually. A completed contract will be sent to you as soon as possible.

How soon can I begin?

You will need to review your contract terms. When you want to begin, return the signed contract along with the deposit to Creative Impressions. This will place you in the schedule and a date will be set and held for you. Upon receipt of the deposit, two sample boards will be created in your specific color and finish. If sample boards are desired before agreement to contract, a non-refundable fee of $50 per board will be charged.

What do I have to do to prepare my surface?

Surface preparation varies for each client and surface. For most wall finishes the room will need to be painted in an eggshell or satin finish paint. Base painting is to be done by client or paint contractor. Existing walls painted in a flat finish will need to be sealed, which involves an additional fee.

What about room preparation?

The client is responsible for removing all window treatments/hardware, works of art, valuables, nails, hooks, light fixtures, shelves, switch plates, and in some instances toilet tanks, from the work area. Furniture should be moved 4-5 feet away from the working area to allow free access with a ladder. Baseboards and tops of doorways should be dusted and floors should be vacuumed to help prevent dirt and hair from mixing with the finish.

Why chose Creative Impressions?

Creative Impressions strives to offer the most professional and personal decorative painting experience available to you, the client. With over 14 years of decorative painting experience, Diane brings her knowledge, quality, passion and attention to fine detail to every client. She has extensive and continuing training with the top artisans in her field. Call Diane today to make a unique Creative Impression in your home or business.

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